Welcome to Lohja!

Open for business

Lohja is a modern city with a long industrial tradition and inspiring history for entrepreneurs. Today we boast a wide variety of active industries and businesses.


Conveniently situated in southern Finland, Lohja is close to all major locations. The planned “Half Hour Railtrack” from Helsinki to Turku will offer even swifter Access for commuters in the future. We provide great opportunities and active support all kinds of businesses – and you can always set up a meeting with me. We are always open, for business and otherwise. Welcome to Lohja!

Herzlich Willkommen!

-Mika Sivula, the Mayor of Lohja


Lohja has a population of 47,318, with 1109.72 km2 of land. We have 4,435 businesses in the area, with a strong workforce of 23,120 people


Business made easy

Lohja is a great environment for entrepreneurs. The Luksia Training and Education Consortium offers flexible services for changing business needs, with other institutions such as Laurea producing new employees for the region. In addition to a wide variety of business premises, our extensive co-operation network always offers support, whether you’re starting up or expanding a business.

Ingredients for good life

Lohja is a clean, safe and beautiful city that offers comfortable living for families and individuals alike. We combine the best parts of city and country life, providing comprehensive services in housing, culture, sports and education – from daycare to various schools and educational institutions. Come find the effortless life in Lohja.

Find your place in Lohja

Lohja is centrally located amidst beautiful lakes andforests, just a short distance away from major cities. We’re constantly building new places to live for anyone who wishes to find the best ingredients for a good life.

23,755 residences

The future of Lohja

Lohja is a growing city that has huge potential for anything. As the leading commercial centre in western Uusimaa, we are an attractive city that keeps attracting investments, from new companies to large-scale shopping centres and business hubs. At Lohja, we possess a unique team spirit that helps and supports anyone, from residents to entrepreneurs and everyone in between. Come and build your own future with us

Towards a bright future

Whether you’re planning to set up a new business in athriving environment or looking for a comfortable,
beautiful place to live, Lohja is the city for you. From burgeoning businesses to active residential development, our future in the heart of southern Finland is designated to be bright.